• Associate’s Degrees
    • A typical Associate’s degree requires the student to complete 60 credits within predetermined categories
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
    • Students select their area of study to suit their career options.  Our experienced staff are available to help students identify the discipline which will best fit their previous studies and experience with their hopes for the future.  Depending on the field of study, students typically require at least ¼ of their credits to be in their majo
  • Master’s Degrees
    • Generally, students must complete a minimum of 36 credits, depending upon the field of study.   Many Master’s programs require the student to complete a thesis before their degree will be awarde
  • Doctoral Degrees
    • A Doctoral degree requires students to display a high level of academic proficiency both in coursework and exams as well as undertaking unique research which is presented in a dissertation.  The student defends the materials presented in the dissertation in front of a pre-designated dissertation board.  Typically 60-90 credits of academic coursework must be completed for a doctoral degree